The Funny Similarities between Pokies and Women

Women are not there for the taking. You have to put a lot of effort into it. And if you hook up with one, you can only hope to hit the jackpot.

The Same goes for Pokies

But… where you can be sure that a woman will cost you half a month’s salary a week, online pokies Australia for real money can bring you more luck.

Men like to gamble. That’s why the average man has tried so many women. Because, just like with pokies, women are in the possession of a lot of buttons that you can press. And, if you manage to find the right combination, you’ll have a cash register. But really lucky, that’s an independent lady who is willing to pay for her own drinks.

Men Do Love Pokies

Of course, you do not want to waste all your money on a dead-end project. That’s why many men practice with online slots. The law states that no money may be asked for this. And that sounds like music to the Australian man’s ears! But the lusts, not the burdens.

The man can, as it were, learn to understand the game; when do you have to stop and when do you just have to give that extra push? Is it worth the gamble to throw in another imaginary dollar, or is it better to try another cupboard?

Women do not understand this. Because it doesn’t look like any Bejeweled, and you can’t win three times word values, like with Wordfeud.
Yet women think they are much better at gambling. They know when to stop. And there the woman has a point.

You only have to look at the recent news. If the man has to learn something, it is: knowing when to stop. So let him practice with online gambling. It’s to your advantage.

This is the difference between Gambling For Women and Men

Scientists show that women who (too) often come into the casino behave very differently from men.

Are there differences between men and women who play slots too much and too often at the casino? Australian scientists have researched this intriguing question.

The study of the Australians focused on men and women who are more or less addicted to playing slots. This category of (too) enthusiastic casino visitors is often referred to among care workers and scientists as: problem players or problem gamblers.

The research on problem gamblers was entitled Gender Differences in the Presentation of Observable Risk Indicators of Problem Gambling and was not just a flut study.

The scientists observed a total of 1185 male and female gamblers, including 338 problem players.

And what turns out to be the case?

Men with a gambling problem behave very differently from women who are addicted. The big difference: men behave aggressively and women behave emotionally.

Men: Kicking and hitting the Pokie

According to Australian gambling research, men with a gambling problem often show the following reactions:

They kick and/or hit the pokie.
They are rude and aggressive towards the casino staff.
And the next time they come back, they act as if nothing ever happened.

Women: Cry when they Lose

Women who come into the casino too often usually behave very differently:

They cry when they have lost too much money.
They overreact emotionally to the casino staff.
They care less and less for their appearance.


Playing online games is more popular among women than men, as research has shown. In online casinos it is mainly the pokies that women spend a lot of time on, but which games do they really prefer? We have taken a closer look at this and found several titles that have become extremely popular among women. These are mainly slots about jewellery or fairy tales but also the more exciting pokie are growing in popularity. Pokies enough for both Women and Men.