What am I cooking today?

“What am I going to cook today” – Do you also ask yourself this question every day? It’s the same for me. But you know what, since I’ve been collecting my favourite lunch and dinner recipes in this list, I have enough inspiration to put both healthy and delicious dishes on the table every day.

The right preparation is everything

How can you make your daily cooking even easier in the future? By using Meal Prep. Meal Prep means preparing meals in advance. It’s a great way to prepare “office food”, but of course it’s also the answer to the daily question of what to cook today. For example, you can create three days of the very best lunches from one portion of Bolognese. Starting with the pasta casserole mentioned above, followed by a low carb wrap with Mexican filling and a pan of courgettes and peppers. Not only is it quick, but it’s also cheap. And most importantly, it makes you happy.

The main thing is quick and easy

But every now and then we are allowed to have meat. Do you like it too? Then maybe this sausage and vegetable dish with sweet potatoes, courgettes, peppers and broccoli is something for you. You prefer minced meat? Then how about this pizza soup with minced meat? The latter also comes along as a low-carb dish. You’re more into casseroles? This pasta casserole with bolognese is delicious for the whole family.

Vegetarian recipes for your kids

As a working mum, it is particularly important to me that my recipes are both healthy and quick and easy to make. The basis for all my recipes is a good portion of vegetables. I like to make use of the regional variety and thus rely on the power of vitamins. In combination with potatoes, rice or noodles, the dishes are filling and vegetarian. You can find more vegetarian recipes in my collection.